Staff & Classes

Welcome to our school and the school staff

Ms Aileen Russell - Headteacher


Evertots Pre-School - Saplings class

Mrs Hayley Smith – Pre-School Leader

Mrs Sandra Mercer – Pre-School Assistant


Reception EYFS - Ash Class

Mrs Sarah Pates – Reception Class Teacher


KS1 Years 1 & 2 - Beech Class

Mrs Laura Johnson – Class Teacher


KS2 Years 3 & 4 - Oak Class

Mrs Anna Rumbles – Class Teacher

Mr Richard Walmsley - Class Teacher



Mrs Amanda Webb - Higher Level Teaching Assistant


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Sarah Dickinson



Mrs Dee Kirby - Secretary          

Mrs Michelle Peat - General Assistant

Mrs Gaby Adams - Caretaker


Mrs Kirby by Alfie

Mrs Peat by Joseph

Mrs Pates by Bethany


Mrs Johnson by Chloe




Mrs Webb by Sarah










Mrs Rumbles by Carys



Mrs Mercer by Carys


Mrs Gilks by Niamh






              Ms Kubaszewski by Emily





Mrs Dickinson by Harry M





Ms Russell by Daniel






 Mr Walmsley by Ronnie

Mrs Smith by Jack


Mrs Adams by George